Multi-Dimensional Wellness

The measure of our overall wellness goes beyond the usual parameters of our health, our fitness level and the absence of injury, disease or illness. Wellness is a multi-dimensional state that is embodied in the overall quality of lives and our sense of well-being. Wellness is an active process of growth, change and making choices toward the life we desire and define for ourselves as successful.

In viewing wellness from the multi-dimensional perspective, we look beyond our tendency to focus only on physical fitness and mental health. We begin to consider the other dimensions that exert a powerful influence on the quality of our lives, our well-being, our resilience and our belief in our ability to create change and possibility in the journey of our lives.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness include physical, environment, focus, social, emotional, purpose and financial. This multi-dimensional model reflects the understanding that what are we saying to ourselves, to others, and the actions we choose to take each day impact our wellness, well-being and quality of life.

Discover Living Alive explores the many dimensions of our wellness and provides tools to support us on the path toward creating wellness in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.

Together we can build communities of healing, hope and wellness that ignite the human potential in all of us.

Live Well. Live Alive.