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Multi-Dimensional Wellness

The measure of our overall wellness goes beyond the usual parameters of current health status, our fitness level and the absence of injury, disease or illness. Wellness is a multi-dimensional state that is embodied in the overall quality of lives and our sense of well-being. Wellness is an active process of growth, change and making choices toward the life we desire and define for ourselves as successful.

In viewing wellness from the multi-dimensional perspective, we look beyond our tendency to focus only on physical fitness and mental health. We begin to consider the other dimensions that exert a powerful influence on the quality of our lives, our well-being, our resilience and our belief in our ability to create change and possibility in the journey of our lives. (continues)

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Founder It Takes A Village Wellness, A Woman Alive and Education Alive™.
CTLE Sponsor NYS, Professional Development, Wellness Speaker/Workshop Leader, Yoga and Mindfulness Educator, Transformational Coach and passionate sailor.

Diane is a sailor, mother, teacher, motivator, entrepreneur, coach, yoga teacher, mindfulness trainer and wellness consultant. She has been a successful small business owner and consultant for the past 25 years. Her life’s path has been one of continual learning and discovery and has always been about inspiring others to take risks and believe in possibility. She is passionate about building communities to educate, support and ignite human potential.

Diane holds her M. Ed. from Ohio State University, attending the premiere coaching training school, Coaching Training Institute (CTI) and is an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT) with over 5000 hours of teaching yoga and mindfulness to both children and adult.  She holds additional certificates that support her work providing tools and strategies to cultivate multi-dimensional wellness and mental health in our schools, businesses and communities. (continues)