10 Steps for Setting Up a Mindful Classroom

Write a personal vision for your classroom. 

What do you want it to look like, feel like, and how do you want all of your students to feel?

Have each student write a vision for the year. 

Create a classroom Vision Board. Remember, “Where Intention Goes, Energy Flows.”  (Learn more about the power of intention here https://discoverlivingalive.com/intention-purpose-trust/#more-905)

Start the year with blank walls.

Have the students create the look and feel of the room as time progresses.  How cool to honor your students work all around the room!

Consider using floor lamps.

Turn off those glaring florescent lights.

Plants, plants, and more plants.

If you are able to have plants in your classroom, they are a wonderful addition and create a homelike, welcoming, and comfy environment. Studies have shown that plants can improve, mood, behavior, and the health of your students (and you)! Plants remove toxins from the air, increase the humidity, and reduce Co2 levels.

Start a morning greeting routine.

How do you greet your students every morning? Are you at your desk finishing preparation for the day or are you at the door with a smile and a warm welcome for each and every student?

Move in the morning first thing.

Move together in some way – a stretching or yoga routine, mindful walking, jumping jacks then peaceful breath – get students connected to their bodies for a more productive day.

Establish a morning ritual for sharing, communication practice, and listening. 

Students can share how they feel, what they are grateful for, an act of kindness they saw or experienced, or what is something encouraging they can say to themselves today.  You can share in a whole group circle or break into smaller circles. You might consider a theme for each day of the week.

Take 1- to 2-minute breathing and movement breaks SEVERAL times a day.

EVERY DAY! Ask students to reflect on how they feel in their bodies and what they are saying in their minds after these breaks.

Create a breathing and mindfulness corner.

Breathing props, movement cards, headphones with meditations, a meditation pillow, and a yoga mat are all great items to have in this space for calming down and taking a break.