What’s New in 2019? So Much!

February 2nd, 2019

It Takes A Village Wellness is alive and thriving, however we have decided to close the doors to our Port Jefferson Wellness Center.  And as the saying goes, “When one door closes another one opens!”  We have been so blessed by all of our clients and the wonderful relationships we have built over the past 3 years. Everything we have created would not have been possible without all of you showing up to classes and to bring your support and love.

My Vision for 2019

Building Communities of Wellness and Mental Health that Ignite Human Potential.

My word for this year (if you follow my newsletters you know) is Inspiration.  It is my hope that I can inspire those around me to light their own flame and step up into lives that inspire wellness, mental health and hope.  Together we can build authentic, vulnerable and supportive relationships in our homes, at work, in our schools and in our communities.


Laugh, Play and Love with Abandon. Don’t Hold Back!

January 26th, 2019

I am incredibly blessed to have bumped into and fallen in love with Don Mackenzie.  I have always been an incredibly “serious” person.  I am a bit of an over achiever, never felt like I had done enough or that I was enough.  I worked overly hard, believing that 12 hours a day at my desk equaled success.  I had very little laughter, play or love in my life.  I had mastered the art of living alone and had decided this was my life.  All good.  And I had an old 1970 30-foot Pearson sailboat, so whenever I was able to get out on the water, I felt peaceful and pretty content.

And then I met Don…

And then, while eating a burger at Danford’s here in town, I bumped into Don Mackenzie.  When Don was in high school his name was Happy Don.  Now here is a man who knows how to enjoy his life.  He laughs constantly, mostly at his own jokes. He loves a good play on words and he cracks up every time.  Don loves to play – golf, racket ball, paddle tennis, sailing.  He is a great believer in taking breaks from work to play, live life, socialize and have fun.  He loves to dance and has been known to twist and shake to the ground when the DJ plays the “Shout” song.

Don loves to have fun and he loves people.  And he has brought love back into my life; a deep, you are my person, I can always forgive you, I accept all of you 100% no matter what kind of love.

And somewhere in this journey I learned to laugh again, to tell a joke, to be able to kick back with a great punchline.  I have learned to let go of work and take time out to play. What I find most incredible is our ability to laugh at ourselves when we get out of sorts or have a ridiculous disagreement. (more…)

What’s Your Word: A Theme for 2019

January 10th, 2019

2014 was a rough year.  I remember clearly deciding that I needed some kind of New Year’s ritual to let go of the heaviness weighing me down.  I wanted to really focus on creating something new for myself in 2015.

On New Year’s eve I took a piece of paper and wrote down the things I wanted to release: my fear and my intense feelings of loneliness were the top two.  I crinkled up the paper, placed it in a coffee tin and lit the paper, watching the smoke and ash float away and saying to myself, “2015 is going to be a great year!”

But what did I want to create in 2015? I was floundering a bit in the direction of my work and was living in a new town where I knew about two people, two people I had just recently met.  In that moment I remembered something my daughter had said to me about kindness several years earlier, “Mom, sometimes you are just not very nice.”  That statement hit me very hard. I do not think I ever meant to be unkind, I just think that I had gotten so caught up in my own pity party that I forgot the importance of kindness to others.  (more…)