The Most Vital Muscle You Never Heard Of

Meet the Psoas Muscles

We may be moving to some new locations, but we will still be releasing, stretching and acknowledging that crazy important muscle called the psoas (pronounced SO-az).  For anyone who has taken my classes you know, first hand, that I spend quite a bit of time talking about this muscle. 

The psoas major is a deep core muscle that runs from the bottom of thoracic spine, through the pelvic bowl, crosses on top of the hip joint and attaches at the top of the femur bone (thigh bone).  You have two. One on each side of your torso. It is the only muscle that connects the spine and the torso to the legs, a bridge between your upper and lower body.  It is not a muscle we can easily identify – like our glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps or biceps.