What’s New in 2019? So Much!

It Takes A Village Wellness is alive and thriving, however we have decided to close the doors to our Port Jefferson Wellness Center.  And as the saying goes, “When one door closes another one opens!”  We have been so blessed by all of our clients and the wonderful relationships we have built over the past 3 years. Everything we have created would not have been possible without all of you showing up to classes and to bring your support and love.

My Vision for 2019

Building Communities of Wellness and Mental Health that Ignite Human Potential.

My word for this year (if you follow my newsletters you know) is Inspiration.  It is my hope that I can inspire those around me to light their own flame and step up into lives that inspire wellness, mental health and hope.  Together we can build authentic, vulnerable and supportive relationships in our homes, at work, in our schools and in our communities.

Believe in Possibility

I hope you will come along for the great ride ahead and join me on this journey.  Our schools and youth are in a state of mental health crisis.  People are sad, angry, depressed and sharply divided.  Social media, our dependence on smart phones and the ever increasing 24/7 presence of technology is changing the way we communicate and interact in relationships.

And yet, I see so much possibility, so much potential for growth, for change and for healing. I also believe that out of chaos comes the greatest move forward in our social evolution and the greatest potential for new perspectives and possibility.

The Ride Ahead

So, what’s up for It takes A Village Wellness in 2019?

It Takes A Village Wellness is on the road! Kristen and I are teaching classes at Mindful Turtle and I am also teaching at Setauket Bikram.  I am still offering my Meditation and Gentle Yoga Women’s Circle on Wednesday nights and am launching my new workshop Multi-Dimensional Wellness: The Three Keys to Empowerment on February 16th at Mindful Turtle.

I am also providing custom Yoga Events.  Bring your friends together for a yoga class or a themed workshop in the privacy of your home. For example, last summer we had several aqua yoga classes in my friend Cindy’s backyard – so fun! I have mats and I will travel.

We launched Education Alive in September of this year after completing the writing and production of instructional manuals and supplemental materials. We provide professional development and comprehensive training to schools and this spring we will be launching our Mastermind Wellness Facilitator groups and subscription service for educators. I am excited to be presenting at several conferences in New York state and nationally over the next couple of months.

I will also be refocusing on A Woman Alive and my coaching services providing transformational coaching to women. In the summer/fall, I am launching Women Entrepreneur Wellness Mastermind groups and looking forward to a retreat in 2020 or 2021. 

I hope you will take a moment to check out my blog, DiscoverLivingAlive.com – my new forum for writing about our youth, transformation, movement and mindfulness. A few other writing projects are underway – stay tuned!

The Third Age

So, yes. Our doors on East Main Street are closing but there are many doors swinging wide open and I am excited about all the new adventures that lie ahead.

A good friend of mine loves to talk about the Third Age, that later-in-life stage that used to be perceived as old age, or retirement years, and is now often referred to as the “golden years of adulthood.”  I feel so blessed that, as I enter my 60th year in this journey we call life, I have many dreams coming true, exciting and new projects to inspire me, and so many amazing humans in my life that support me with their generosity, their guidance and their love.

What’s next for you in your life?  How will you live your Third Age? Never stop dreaming, stay in action and always believe in possibility!

Live Well.  Live Alive.